41st Symposium: Splicecon

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The Department of Biochemistry is hosting its first virtual Steenbock Symposium April 22 – 23, 2021.

This year’s international symposium, entitled “SpliceCon 2021,” brings together 17 invited speakers and over 200 scientists from across the globe to explore the field of pre-RNA splicing.

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All times in Madison, US Central Time
Invited Talks = 20 min followed by 10 min Q&A
Selected Talks = 10 min followed by 5 min Q&A

Thursday April 22

9:00-9:45am Keynote Talk, Holger Stark
Structural Dynamics of pre-mRNA Splicing
9:45-10:00am Q & A

Session 1:  Spliceosome Structure

10:00-10:20am   Invited Talk 1 – Sebastian Fica
Structural basis for conformational equilibrium of the catalytic spliceosome

10:30-10:50am   Invited Talk 2 – Vlad Pena
Selection of introns by U2 snRNP in the presence of covalent modulators

11:00-11:10am   Selected Talk 1 – Alexandra Bergfort
The C9ORF78 protein interactions with human BRR2 and regulates alternative splicing of specific pre-mRNAs

11:15-11:30am   Video 1 of Poster Presenters Giving Flash/Lightning Talks

11:30-12:30pm   Poster Session 1


Session 2: Spliceosome Mechanism

1:00-1:20pm   Invited Talk 3 – Jon Staley
Profiling nascent lariat intermediates reveals the genomic basis of splicing timing

1:30-1:50pm   Invited Talk 4 – Al Zahler
The Chain of Custody-Genetic Examination of the Precise Transfer of Splice Sites into the Catalytic Core of the Spliceosome

2:00-2:10pm   Selected Talk 2 – Ian Eperon
Exon-independent recruitment of SRSF1 is mediated by U1 snRNP stem-loop 3

2:15-2:30pm   Video 2 of Poster Presenters Giving Flash/Lightning Talks


3:00-4:00pm   Panel Discussion on Splicing, Technology, Inclusion, & the Future
Tracy Johnson; Karla Neugebauer; Manny Ares; Jeff Pleiss

4:00-7:00pm   Social Time


Friday April 23

Session 3: Alternative Splicing

9:00-9:20am   Invited Talk – Florian Heyd
Body temperature-controlled alternative splicing: The role of kinases, phosphatases, and a connection to cancer

9:30-9:50am   Invited Talk 6 – Kristen Lynch
Alternative Splicing and the Immune System

10:00-10:10am   Selected Talk 3 – Ana Fiszbein
Widespread usage of hybrid exons in human transcriptomes


Session 4: Splicing in Disease

10:30-10:50am   Invited Talk 7 – Olga Anczuków
Misregulation of Splicing Factors in Breast Tumors

11:00-11:20am   Invited Talk 8 – Esther Obeng
Spliceosome Mutations in Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Leukemia

11:30-11:40am   Selected Talk 4 – Ray O’Keefe
A patient cell model for probing reduced spliceosome snRNP protein expression in disease

11:45-11:55am   Selected Talk 5 – Jagjit Singh
Modeling microcephaly in patient iPS cell-derived brain organoids with U4atac snRNA mutations

12:00-12:15   Video 3 of Poster Presenters Giving Flash/Lightning Talks


12:45-1:45pm   Poster Session 2

Session 5: Splicing Therapies

1:45-2:05pm   Invited Talk 9 – Clara Kielkopf
Targeting U2AF: An Achilles’ Heel of Myelodysplastic Syndromes?

2:15-2:25pm   Selected Talk 6 – Irene Beusch
Base editing the human spliceosome in haploid cells reveals a role for SUGP1 in drug resistance

2:30-2:50pm   Invited Talk 10 – Melissa Jurica
It Takes More than Binding: Probing SF3B Inhibitor Mechanism

Session 6: Spliceosome Evolution

3:00-3:20pm   Invited Talk 11 – Nav Toor
Retroelement origins of pre-mRNA splicing

3:30-3:50pm   Invited Talk 12 – Scott Roy
Splicing: the last two billion years


4:30-6:00pm   Poster Session 3

6:00-8:00pm   Social Time



Holger Stark, Max Planck Institute, Keynote Speaker

Olga Anczuków-Camarda
The Jackson Laboratory

Manuel Ares, Jr.
UC Santa Cruz

Sebastian Fica
The University of Oxford

Florian Heyd
Freie Universität Berlin

Tracy Johnson

Melissa Jurica
UC Santa Cruz

Clara Kielkopf
University of Rochester Medical Center

Kristen Lynch
University of Pennsylvania

Karla Neugebauer
Yale University

Esther Obeng
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Vlad Pena
Institute of Cancer Research

Jeff Pleiss
Cornell University

Scott Roy
San Francisco State University

Jon Staley
University of Chicago

Navtej Toor
UC San Diego

Al Zahler
UC Santa Cruz


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